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      • CO2 laser marker 2

        Principle: C02 laser is a gas laser with a wavelength of 10.6um, using C02 gas as working material. The discharge tube is charged with 82 gas, and the discharge tube is charged with high voltage on th...

        CO2 laser marker 2
      • CO2 laser marking machine

        Principle: C02 laser is a gas laser with a wavelength of 10.6um, using C02 gas as working material. The discharge tube is charged with 82 gas, and the discharge tube is charged with high voltage on th...

        CO2 laser marking machine
      • Laser jet printer

        Principle: The laser marking system which combines galvanometer scanning and workpiece movement on the pipeline is called laser jet code system, that is, laser flight marking system. Type characteris...

        Laser jet printer
      • Optical Fiber Laser Marker 3

        Product characteristics: With high quality fiber laser, the marking effect is perfect! It can mark all kinds of fine and complex patterns required by users on the surface of products. It is suitable ...

        Optical Fiber Laser Marker 3
      • Laser Welder

        It is equipped with 6-axis robot and double switching worktable. The feeding area is completely separated from the processing area, which ensures the safety of personnel operation, saves the time ...

        Laser Welder
      • Laser Marker Series

        Gantry Dual-station Workbench Gantry structure, the processing head through the gantry structure for dual-station switching, or horizontal, up and down automatic high-precision moving back, double-st...

        Laser Marker Series
      • Optical Fiber Laser Welder

        Product characteristics: Compared with IPG all-imported QCW laser modules, they are independently developed and integrated with high stability. Welding waveform can be set to perfect docking with the...

        Optical Fiber Laser Welder
      • YAG Fiber Laser Welder Series 4

        Equipment features: The imported concentrator is used for conversion efficiency, spot quality and stronger penetration. Optical fiber conduction output facilitates the integration of various machine ...

        YAG Fiber Laser Welder Series 4
      • Kawasaki arc welding robot

        Characteristics and parameters of BA006N special arc welding manipulator for Kawasaki · Design for application of arc welding · Welding torch and pipeline installation is very convenie...

        Kawasaki arc welding robot
      • Laser Welding Robot

        1. Product introduction Chengjin Laser Robot Laser Welding System can provide customized welding processing solutions for various industries. We have deep research and development of welding technolo...

        Laser Welding Robot
      關于我們 About Us
      About Us

      Suzhou Chengjin Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, which is known as the paradise on earth. It is a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating development, production and sales, mainly engaged in research and development, production, marketing and service of laser equipment. It has more than ten years'experience in research and development and production of industrial laser equipment. Technical strength and perfect service network in the field of industrial manufacturing to provide customers around the world with one-stop laser equipment, services and customized solutions, realize the potential growth of customers, and continue to create long-term value for customers.

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      大核心優勢 讓承錦成為您信賴的激光設備供應商


      One-stop Laser Equipment Solution


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      Independent Innovation, R&D

      Independent innovation is the basis of surpassing survival, with a huge technology research and development team, Chengjin Laser has applied for invention and creation patents all the year round, laying a solid foundation for providing customers with more high-quality laser technology.

    4. 02

      Standard production process

      Production real-time data monitoring and management process, on-site resource tracking. High efficiency and fine processing process, all meet the standard production process requirements.

    5. 03

      Perfect customer service

      Provide customers with 24-hour on-duty pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service system, engineer point-to-point training, maintenance, equipment failure repair, process debugging support. Establish a complete user profile, regular return visits, customer satisfaction survey.

    6. 04

      Efficient solutions

      Provide efficient and economical technical solutions, and successively provide laser technology and non-standard automation solutions for many well-known brand companies such as Haixin Group Lenovo Millet Technology Group Optical Group Changying Precision Crown Group Chuangwei Group Huizhou Samsung Electronics.

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      Excellent technology, R&D team

      All excellent technologies are imported from Germany. With automation core team, customize non-standard equipment for customers.

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